Family and Company history behind Essentials Colour Collection

08 February 2019

BY HMG Paints

All of the colours in this range were selected from HMG’s vast archives of colours and named with inspiration from the founding family and past employees of the business.


A perfect staple for most decorating projects.


The nation’s most ubiquitous paint colour.


A pure greyish white with undertones of lavender.

Based on the local pub in Collyhurst where HMG Paints has been based since its inception in 1930.


A shining off white shade, brightening any space it graces.

Named after dedicated employee Ronnie Hanvey who served as at HMG Paints since its inception as a 15-year-old boy during the first World War.


A soft lemon shade, perfect for brightening internal spaces.

Harold Marcel Guest “HMG” founded the company in 1930 alongside Herbert Falder.


A cool off-white blue, leaving a room bright and breezy.

Three Generations of the Newton Family have been long standing employees of HMG Paints. Bluestone is the road the family grew up on.


A light blue with grey undertones, soft in well-lit large interior spaces and strong in smaller spaces.

The roof of our “Belfast” Department was built by Belfast ship builders and is one of only a handful left in the UK.


A powder blue shade with soft hints of lavender.

Named after the brook which runs through HMG Paints’ historical site.

Dyeworks Grindstone

A cosmopolitan light grey, perfect for a full room or features.

Named after the original dyeworks grindstone which was used on this very site in the 1700’s and still exists today and has a home at HMG.


A mid to dark shade of grey with a traditional feel.

Named after the submarine which protrudes out of the ground on HMG Paints site on Collyhurst Road, Manchester.


A sweet green, off white shade. A fresh colour which brightens dark interior spaces.

HMG Paints is situated alongside the River Irk and as our address states, we are the Riverside Works.

Irk Valley

An exemplary fit between green and grey, ideal for interior spaces large or small.

The area in which the business has been situated since 1930.

Gorsey Brow

A popular green shade, which is impeccable against white woodwork.

An area affiliated with the founding family.


A soft taupe with a flawless neutral tone.

The area in which HMG Paints is based was once known as Collyhurst village.


A light taupe/stone mix, perfect for neutral or statement accessories.


A fresh soft rose complementary of a lot of stronger colours such as brown, grey and copper tones seen in modern furnishings.

A local school which HMG Paints have supported through the generations being an active member of the community.


A lilac pink blush, popular within 21st century trends.

Named after a dedicated ex employee of HMG, Stan Wallwork.


A soft purple glowing with regalness. Purple’s royal status originates from the cost and rarity of the dye which was used to produce it.

Named after another valued ex employee of HMG, Albert Moore.


A quintessential warm taupe shade, an ideal  statement colour.

The street in which HMG Paints was first situated which sits opposite the site we are on today.


A deep burgundy with soft overtones.

Named after Mr Herbert Falder, founder of H. Marcel Guest Ltd in 1930.