About Us

Our Heritage – Why HMG is one name that covers everything

Since our incorporation in 1930, HMG Paints has been a family business. Generations of families have been involved with the business and grown up together passing on their knowledge, expertise and passion to future generations. Whilst of course excellent paints and surface coatings are the lifeblood of our success, we believe that there is much more to it than that.We believe that business based on trust, decency and exceptional service, forms long term partnerships and friendships that last.

From a tiny room with only three people and a vision, HMG has grown to become the UK’s largest independent paint manufacturer with outlets across the UK and world. As we’ve grown we have never forgotten our roots and the emphasis on working alongside our customers to create the very best individual service and tailored solutions for them. Whether our paint is used on a living room wall, a bedroom, an office, a cinema or a doll’s house, to us it is above all ‘our paint’ and we are exceptionally proud of it.
John Falder