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From the UK’ leading independent paint manufacturer, utilise the ultimate reference for professionals within the coatings industry, with The Surface Preparation & Coating Application Book, a comprehensive practical reference made with industry expertise at HMG Paints.

With a Belgian, an Englishman and a passion for coatings, Our base in Manchester was the perfect backdrop to provide inspiration and drive to begin the dream. Founded in 1930, we made our first coatings on October 4th 1930. In our 90-year history, we have made hundreds of different paints, inks and adhesives. Evolving our skills and honing our processes in pursuit of industry leading quality coatings.

The Surface Preparation & Coating Application Guide is a collection of industry wisdom and insights. From seasoned coating professionals to supervisors, inspectors, engineers, and plant & maintenance personnel, this guide is crafted to meet the diverse needs of professionals across the coatings industry.

Over half of the coating failures globally are due to inadequate surface preparation and poor coating application techniques. This guide aim to help readers understand the fundamentals of surface treatment and coating application. The Surface Preparation & Coating Application Book is your trusted companion on the journey to excellence in the coatings industry. Equip yourself with the knowledge and skills you need to achieve results that will elevate your coatings skills and knowledge to new heights.

Why Choose The Surface Preparation & Coating Application Book:

Over the years, members within the our industry have seen varied coverage methods in regards to coating application that give insights into the coating industry. However, with HMG’s long lasting establishment, the trusted reputation among professionals within the coatings industry guarantees that you will receive trialled and tested knowledge from within, as the reliability, accuracy and practicality of this guide is clear with almost 95 years of industry expertise.

Made to be the go-to reference manual for professionals, this guide will brings certainty that you will enhance and optimise the processes within surface preparations and coating application, overcoming any challenges you may face. Whether you’re striving to achieve flawless surface treatment, master coating application techniques, or simply broaden your understanding of industry best practices, this guide is your indispensable ally within our the industry.

What sets The Surface Preparation & Coating Application Guide apart is its emphasis on practical relevance. Rather than dwelling solely on theoretical concepts, this manual is packed with practical examples that ensure all readers can not only grasp the concepts with every topic, but also learn how to effectively apply them in both a professional and non-professional setting.

Invest in your professional development and immerse yourself within the coatings industry with The Surface Preparation & Coating Application Guide.


1. Global Reach- With Manchester’s biggest Family Owned Paint Manufacturer, s well as development from industry experts in the protective coatings industry, we give an insight into how HMG Paints have impacted the coatings industry and how they have become a global presence.
2. Hand & power tool cleaning- Showcasing the use of hand tools such as wire brush and scraper, power tools such as wire brushes and grinders, as well as reviewing surface preparation standards.
3. Abrasive blast cleaning- Detailing the abrasive blast cleaning equipment used for surface preparation. The various methods of blast cleaning and the equipment used, as well as the inspection, test equipment and de-humidification equipment required for blast cleaning.
4. Abrasive blast cleaning abrasives- Offering a comprehensive review of the abrasive uses in the blast cleaning process. From abrasive selection, to the impact on surface profiles that are covered along with the abrasive field quality control tests.
5. Abrasive black cleaning standards- A comprehensive guide on the industry abrasive blast cleaning standards used for surface preparation, such as ISO 8501-1 and SSPC/NACE are discussed, with a list of comparable blast cleaning standards.
6. Paint and paint application- Covering all methods of coating application by spray, including airless spray and conventional spray. This section reviews the use of spray equipment and coating application techniques to find the perfect coverage for you.
7. Surface and coatings arithmetic- Containing a useful guide to surface area measurement, as well as other guides such as wet and dry film thickness as well as other arithmetic tables and charts.
8. Detailed equipment- With a number of diagrams, this chapter details the abrasive blast cleaning set up, further detailing on many of the previous chapters to conclude which options are the best choice for your current method.

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