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FERROZINC is a high-performance water-based rust converter making it ideal for application to areas unsuitable or
difficult to shot blast or where complete removal of rust is not possible.

Ferrozinc is simple and easy to use. Simply wire brush, scrape or mechanically remove loose surface rust, apply single
coat of Ferrozinc. A dramatic colour change from white to navy/black will show that the rust has been effectively
Ideal for structural steel, fences, iron railings, guttering, external ferrous metals, vehicle and machinery and marine
situations due to application to damp surfaces that are difficult to completely dry e.g light condensation or surface
moisture, not for application during wet weather.
• Easy to apply.
• Excellent long term conversion properties.
• Compatible with most coating systems including water/oil based, chlorinated rubber and epoxy systems.
• Extended testing proving to outperform many other rust conversion products.



Technical Properties

All HMG Paints products are manufactured in Manchester, UK under the auspices of an ISO
9001 management system and are Made in Britain accredited

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