Blooming (Blushing)


Milky / Dull effect on paint film. This issue is the result of condensation or moisture forming on the surface. This cooling effect can be caused by the evaporation of fast solvents causing rapid condensation. This issue often presents itself on freshly applied acrylic and nitrocellulose systems.


  1. Excessive humidity levels
  2. Use of fast thinners
  3. Cold draughty sprayshop
  4. Poor air movements
  5. High spraying air pressures


  1. Ensure booth is at 68°F – 72°F
  2. Use a good quality retarder / non-bloom thinner (always use recommended HMG thinners with HMG Products as these are formulated to maximise compatibility).
  3. Reduce spraying pressures


  1. Minor cases can be polished or compounded
  2. Slow retarder thinners can be sprayed over the job to rectify
  3. Severe cases have to be flatted and re-coated observing the above