17 May 2024

BY Josh Hibbert

What RAL colour is Prestwich Blue? As a part of our Manchester colour collection, Prestwich Blue is a unique shade that has resonated with many. In brief, Prestwich Blue does not belong to the BS & RAL colour range, with the colour setting itself apart from other standardised hues as it cannot be matched by the BS or RAL system.

  • The colour was produced internally by HMG’s head of colour Luke Czarnobay as a water-based paint, which can be seen as an emulsion based paint as well as the Garden Paint range.
  • Prestwich Blue uses library code 39893 within all water based products.

Prestwich Blue History

Inspired by the charm of Prestwich, a historic town in Manchester with a strong connection to HMG, Prestwich Blue reflects the area’s rich heritage. With the colours deep blue tones and subtle green undertones, as well as roots dating back to the founding days of HMG Paints, Prestwich Blue embodies a legacy of quality and tradition.

Modern Usage

At HMG, Prestwich Blue has become one of our most popularHMG Fence and Shed Paint After - Prestwich Blue colours, especially within our Garden Paint range. The popularity within this range is traceable to a singular image of a beautiful garden shed that was decorated by one of our staff at HMG, displaying Prestwich Blue in all its glory online. This image became an inspiration for many around the UK to use the colour within their garden, from fence panels to sheds and even terracotta pots.

Prestwich Blue is also a great choice for those looking to improve their interior design, as the shade can create an simple dramatic statement from within any home. From your household’s inner walls, to furniture, windows and doors. In short, Prestwich Blue has a multitude of uses.

Prestwich Blue is available via HMG paints and can be colour matched to any HMG system you require.

Prestwich Blue

HMG Paints

£17.99 - £74.99


Product Features:

  • Product Dimensions (L) : 2.5, 5
  • Approx. Weight (Kg): 2.55, 5.15
  • Number of Coats: 2
  • Recoat Time (Hrs): 4
  • Drying Time (Hrs): 1
  • Finish: Matt, Eggshell, Silk
  • Indoor or Outdoor use: Indoor
  • Benefits: Made In Britain Certified
  • UK Delivery – Est. 3-5 working days (Made to order)