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25Kg Box

Colour: BS 18-E-49

Sheen: Gloss

Designed for both exterior and internal use, this range of powder coatings offers both excellent outdoor durability and decorative aspect. Designed for use on architectural applications such as aluminium profiles, doors, window frames, facades, urban furniture, fences, steel. The range meets the requirements of:
• BS EN 12206-1 (previously BS 6496)
• BS EN 13438 (previously BS 6497)
• Qualicoat Class 1 – Approvals: P-1145 (Gloss), P-1613 (Matt)

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Technical Properties

Our coatings for external use are resistant to ultraviolet light (sunlight) and weathering (repeated exposure to humidity and heat variations), which cause the degradation of all coating systems. The exterior durability of an external system is dependent not only on the grade of resin, but also the amount of that binder system present in the coating, and the quality of other ingredients used in the product. The generic term ‘polyester’ is not a sufficient guarantee of durability.

General Use

An excellent balance of aesthetics, performance and cost, these coatings are suitable for exterior applications such as machinery, garden furniture, street furniture, electrical enclosures and automotive parts. Common alterations to the products include ‘degassing’ to reduce craters often found in zinc substrates, or ‘wax-free’ for applications where screen printing and vinyl stickers are used. These products are available in smooth, sandpaper, ripple, wrinkle and hammer effects in all colours including metallic shades.

Architectural Durability

QUALICOAT is a quality label for licensed coaters

For coatings that will withstand the harshest environments we recommend the Architectural Polyester 827 range, approved to Qualicoat Class 1, for all your architectural requirements. Where higher levels of weathering resistance are required, our advanced architectural 924 system for both architectural and the ACE market are highly recommended.

Choose your weathering resistance:

Durability Qualicoat Class Florida Exposure (months) UV-B (hours) HMG Product
High 1 12 300 827
Ultra 2 36 600 924

*Florida exposure and UV-B is the exposure time period required after which the retained gloss of the system must be above 50% of its original sheen.

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