20 March 2020

BY Paddy

In self isolation? Working from home? At home with the kids?

Paint the house and support local businesses

Britain is currently suffering with the rest of the world due to the current Coronavirus pandemic and there are many different reasons people are stuck at home and abandoning their offices. As a country I think you’ll agree that we must all band together, support each other and stay safe which brings us on to our first subject

Support each other by buying British

As yet, as a country we are not on full lock down, therefore businesses are still battling to stay afloat and fulfill their services. Like HMG Paints Ltd, a lot of businesses have put strict measures in place to protect staff, customers and suppliers and keep to the social distancing guidelines, keeping hygiene as one of the top priorities! Some great websites to find British manufactured products include 

HMG Paints Ltd, celebrate 90 years in business this year and have been situated on the same site in Manchester for the full 90 years. All of our products are manufactured right here in Manchester and we are proud to carry the statement Made In Britain.

Paint the house or hire a professional decorator (support a small business!)

Through this period, we would like to offer the British public 30% off our British made paint using code BRIT30 to use at site wide, colour matched to any colour you wish and delivered straight to your door. So why not do the bedrooms as well as the living room?

Keep your mind occupied by giving the house a lick of paint whilst listening to your favourite music and don’t worry, if you want to get the kids involved, all of our paints are Child Safe and are EN71-3 certified

But, you might be pre-occupied looking after the kids now the schools have been closed, or you might be working from home. Fear not, Professional Painters and Decorators are still taking on work and by the nature of what they do are some of the most hygienic people to be near during this time. If they haven’t turned up at your door wearing a mask & gloves, they will be on shortly thereafter before they start painting!

Why not support a local tradesman to come and do the painting for you, whilst you are at a safe distance in another room? You can find local painters and decorators at Find a local decorator – The Painting and Decorating Association.

Child Safe activity

All of our paints are Child Safe and are EN71-3 certified as well as being water-based which means you can paint with your children and breath easy knowing these products are not harmful to your health nor the environment.