You can now buy Powder Coatings online Direct from HMG Paints

06 October 2020

BY Paddy

Powder Coated Alloy Wheels Manchester, HMG Paints

HMG Paints manufacture our own Powder Coatings in in Belfast, Ireland. Having the ability to manufacture our own powders gives our customers a much wider range of coatings options, and many coatings are manufactured specifically for customers requirements.

The below products are only a small selection of our End of Line Powder Coatings Collection. For a full list please contact Ashley Wallen or Jackie Bolton

Once these products are gone prices will return to standard pricing.

Powder Coating is an advanced method of applying a decorative and protective finish to a wide range of materials and products that are used both by industries and consumers.

HMG Paints offer 3 main types of Powder Coatings Products, these are;

  • Epoxy: Which was the original powder finish

    Epoxy coatings are based on epoxy resin, they are manufactured in a way which enables the possibility of coating to a high thickness without defect in the coating after curing.

  • Epoxy Polyester: Offers more weathering and flexibility properties.

    Epoxy-polyester powder coating is based on specially selected resins to give the hard durable finish associated with epoxy coating, but with superior heat stability and exterior durability.

  • Polyester: A full polyester product which offers improved durability.

    Polyester powder coating is designed for external use, and the most characteristic feature of polyester powder coatings is the very good colour and gloss retention in outdoor exposure, where UV stability and weather resistance is required.


We offer a range of powder coating primers which will give increased corrosion resistance to your product, whilst also ensuring a perfect surface to ensure the perfect finish for the topcoat.


No matter the environment your substrate will be used we offer a range of topcoat finishes that will ensure a long lasting finish whether your product is in doors or in harsh exterior environments.

Colours Available

HMG are able to offer a wide range of colours including BS, RAL and Pantone in many systems, as well as being able to offer colours from other colour ranges and also colour matching to a supplied sample. Ask your representative or the sales team for more information.


HMG also offer a range of high quality metallic finishes, ask your rep for more information on this range.

Textures and Finishes

Our Powder Coatings portfolio also offers a wide range of finishes including:

  • Hammer
  • Leatherettes
  • Textures
  • Metallic
  • Clear Lacquer
  • Antique
  • Any degree of matt through to full gloss
  • Low Cure Anti-Gassing