New Recyclable PCR Packaging

28 November 2022

BY Paddy

HMG Paints, the UK’s leading independent paint manufacturer, has unveiled new packaging for its Water Based range of products. The new packaging utilises recycled content to manufacture the containers and the process and materials used also means the final container can be recycled. The new range of 2.5 Litre and 5 Litre packaging will launch at the beginning of 2023.

Growing the circular economy

At HMG we’re always looking at ways to improve our sustainability and these new PCR (Post-Consumer Recycled) containers have been a long-term project for us.” Commented Helen Clark, HMG Paints Purchasing Manager. “The use of PCR containers contributes to growing the circular economy. This helps reduce negative impact on climate change, whilst maintaining the same performance and standards you would expect from regular containers, something which was key for us and our customers.”
The new containers perform to the same standard as virgin material and also include a new livery design for HMG’s range of Water Based and Decorative products. The PCR containers allow HMG to reduce their use of virgin material and offer full recyclability of the new containers in appropriate PP recycling streams due to monomaterial construction, a feature which is increasingly important to all stakeholders.

Coatings Made in Britain

HMG Paints range of Decorative coatings will be amongst the first to appear in the new packaging. All of the products in the range are Made in Britain accredited with all production, including the colourants, taking place at Riverside Works in Manchester. The range contains products such as Vinyl Matt Emulsion, Acrylic Eggshell and Fence and Shed Paint, all of which will carry the British Coatings Federation “Low” VOC globe.

The VOC Globe scheme is part of a wider initiative by the coatings industry to raise consumer awareness of the amount of VOCs contained in decorative paint products, allowing consumers to make more informed, and hopefully greener choices. Greater involvement from paint manufacturers, such as HMG, in the scheme will also greatly help paint recyclers separate solvent-based and water-based leftover paint with ease, which aids reuse and recycling and assist in growing the circular economy.

HMG’s range of Decorative products can be purchased via their online shop, or by calling them directly on 0161 205 7631. Additionally, you can purchase HMG products from their national distributor network. As an independent paint manufacturer HMG Paints rely on a loyal, countrywide distribution network to supply and service customers a range of products and colour matching options.

With HMG’s unique position as a British based coatings manufacturer, they are able to supply products quickly to customers. Uniquely HMG also develop new and bespoke products, whether that be toll manufacturing or completely new formulations for white label customers. All products manufactured by HMG can be produced quickly with flexible batch sizes, including in the new PCR containers.

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