Local Allotment Receives a Refreshing New Look

02 July 2024

BY Rebecca Jennings

The community spirit of Manchester was on full display this summer, thanks to the hard work of several local volunteers and a generous donation from HMG Paints. The local paint manufacturer donated HydroPro Garden Paint to The Lalley Centre, a vital part of the Caritas Diocese of Salford, to help revitalise their allotment space.

A Splash of Colour for a Worthy Cause

The Lalley Centre, operated by the Caritas Salford, provides essential support to individuals and families in need. The centre offers a range of services, including emergency food parcels, welfare advice, and emotional support. Its vibrant allotment serves as a peaceful retreat and a source of fresh produce for the community. Recognising the importance of this green space, HMG Paints decided to lend a helping hand, not just with paint but also with manpower.

HMG Paints employees rolled up their sleeves and took to the Lalley Centre’s allotment equipped with brushes and cans of HydroPro Garden Paint. They set out to transform the fences within the allotment. The chosen colours, Spring Yellow and Green Forest, were perfect for bringing a fresh, cheerful look to the area.

Transforming Spaces with HydroPro Garden Paint

HydroPro Garden Paint is not just known for its vibrant and long-lasting colours but also for its excellent weather resistance and durability. This water-based paint is designed specifically for outdoor use, on rough sawn wood and garden pots such as terracotta plant pots. It is safe for use around plants and wildlife, making it an ideal choice for the Lalley Centre’s allotment.

Spring Yellow added a bright, sunny feel to the space, evoking a sense of warmth and positivity. Meanwhile, Green Forest complemented the natural surroundings, enhancing the serene and lush atmosphere of the allotment. The combination of these two colours created a harmonious and inviting environment for everyone who visits the centre.


Community Effort and Volunteer Spirit

The painting project was more than just a makeover; it was a testament to community and volunteerism. HMG Paints’ team were joined by another group of volunteers from a local charity – Back on Track. The collaborative effort demonstrated how businesses can play a pivotal role in supporting local charities and fostering community well-being.

HMG Paints’ initiative at the Lalley Centre is an example of how volunteerism can bring about positive change. The volunteers’ hard work and the resulting transformation of the allotment fences were met with heartfelt appreciation from the centre’s staff and the community members who benefit from the allotment.

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