HMG Paints relaunch oil paint range

03 February 2022

BY Rebecca Jennings

Artist Colours in Oil is making a comeback! HMG Paints are re-launching a premium range of oil paint.

Estimated to be available from March, you can expect to find an essential colour palette of oil paints.

The collection includes 11 colours. Raw Sienna, Grass Green, Golden Ochre, Lemon, Burnt Turkey Umber, Bright Red, Venetian Red, Vibrant Blue, Special Black, Titanium White and Flake White.

Using a traditional formulation, HMG Paint are rebranding and giving Artist Colours in Oil a new lease of life. Here’s a sneak peek at our new packaging.

Artist Colours in Oil 1 litre paint tin

When can I buy the Artist Colours in Oil range?

We are aiming to relaunch our oil paint range in March.

Where can I buy the new oil paint range?

Our oil paint range will be available from HMG Paints directly. You will be able to purchase the paint from our website or by contacting our sales team.

What size paint tins can I buy?

We will be stocking 1 litre tins of all colours.

How many colours are in the oil paint range?

There are a total of 11 colours in our oil paint range.


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