The colours in the range take inspiration from Manchester and it's rich history and heritage

12 February 2019

BY Paddy

Cotton Grass

The county flower, representing Manchester’s status as the international centre of the cotton and textile trade.






A Mancunian twist on the noted ‘standard’ colour of household paint Magnolia.





Manchester Clouds

Inspired by the rain clouds that cover Manchester for the majority of the year.





Manchester Sky

Stemming from the world’s perception of Manchester as Britain’s rainiest city, this greyish blue shade depicts the iconic rainy skies of Manchester.





Manchester Bees

The worker bee was adopted as a motif for Manchester and denotes Mancunians’ hard work during the Industrial Revolution in the 19th Century.





Sandstone Brick

Representing the stone colour of iconic Manchester architecture including stone for the Roman fort at Castlefield, St Ann’s Church, Manchester Cathedral and the original buildings of Chetham’s Hospital, came from Collyhurst Quarry. Collyhurst is the home of HMG Paints and has been since its inception in 1930.




Manchester Caviar

Also known as mushy peas. In Northern England and the Midlands they are a traditional accompaniment to fish and chips, arguably one of Manchester’s favourite dishes.





A Mancunian slang term meaning great. “That looks mint”





The first stage when considering what colour to paint your room is the size and layout of it. Using colour within a room can alter the dynamic of it, which is why it is so important in optimising the enjoyment of your home. Lighter shades will make a smaller room feel more airy and open. But if your room is larger and you want to inject a cosy atmosphere, a darker hue will create this ambience. In these situations a single dark accent wall works nicely as a statement feature.

The second consideration when selecting a colour is the lighting that naturally comes into the room, if the room is north facing then it may receive more natural light compared to a south facing room, light can bring out hidden undertones within a colour.

Our endless colour range can create different emotions. If a warm and comforting atmosphere is what you would like then yellow and orange colours are fitting whereas blue tones are reminiscent of the sky and the sea create an airy and relaxing feel.

Take a moment to check out our client pics who have used HMG’s endless range of colours as the perfect accessory to their homes!