HMG recommends our premium quality products that come in a range of colours. . Also for new plaster we recommend Contract Emulsion that can be used as a mist coat.

Vinyl Matt– premium quality water-based, flat matt emulsion for interior use on wall and ceiling surfaces, where a flat non-reflective finish is required.

Vinyl Silk– A premium quality water-based, silk emulsion for interior use on wall and ceiling surfaces, where a washable high sheen finish is required.

Acrylic Eggshell – Acrylic Eggshell Emulsion can be used on areas that need a long lasting finish

Masonry Paint – A high opacity acrylic durable coating for exterior masonry.

Contract Matt Emulsion – A water-based decorative trade matt emulsion that has excellent opacity that improves as the paint dries. Excellent results can be achieved with a single coat. Designed for easy application on interior plaster walls and ceilings.


Generally environmentally coatings aim to minimise pollution, energy and waste throughout the life cycle of their products. HMG’s deco range would fit into this category as all of the range is water based and have low VOC’s.

Yes all of our decorative range can be sprayed to achieve great results. Please speak to our technical line on 0161 205 7631 for more information.

No. HMG’s range of Trim paints are not recommended for painting on gates.

The Trim, and Eggshell products can be used with proper preparation. No specific products that offer same performance as the Acid Cat and Pre Cat products.

For a decorative floor then yes. If it’s for heavy foot traffic and warehouse then product would ware out quick, a specially designed floor paint would be recommended, ideally a 2K option.

For product recommendations contact the HMG Technical line on 0161 205 7631

No. Water Based products are notoriously poor at adhering to Aluminium.

Yes, with correct preparation. Abrade and clean thoroughly. Then use an undercoat.

HMG Decorative products are not recommended for use on Lime Paster.

Product would require de-nibbing and sanding due to the product being fully cured. Adhesion problems could occur if sufficient preparation is not carried out.

Due to the nature of Water Based paints the evaporation process requires sufficient air flow, thing of how clothes dry on washing line. Hence the longer, safer drying times as atmospheric and environment details are generally different.

Abrade and clean thoroughly. Then use an undercoat, recommended is Acrylic Primer Undercoat