Generally environmentally coatings aim to minimise pollution, energy and waste throughout the life cycle of their products. HMG’s deco range would fit into this category as all of the range is water based and have low VOC’s.

Volatile Organic Compounds are materials which evaporate readily from commonly occurring sources such as vehicle exhausts, cleaning agents, furniture polish and fabric softeners. These also include solvents used in coatings, as well as thinners and brush cleaners.
These can contribute to pollution of the atmosphere. The UK government and the coatings industry are committed to reducing VOC emissions.
Although the impact of household coatings on atmospheric pollution is very small (less than 2% of the total amount of VOCs emitted), manufacturers believe the amount of VOC s in decorative coatings should be reduced and consumers given the choice of using lower VOC-containing products.
Coatings suppliers have introduced a labelling system to inform you of the VOC content of each decorative coating product – a 5-band classification shows the VOC content as Minimal; Low; Medium; High or Very High.

Firstly we recommend that you clean the brushes or rollers as quickly as possible after use. All of our decorative range are water based so we suggest that a warm water and mild soap suds mixture is the best solution for cleaning water based paints, rubbing the paint of the bristles will help as well.

Yes we do. HMG maintains an unrivalled colour library of more than 250,000 colours and can produce paints in various colour ranges including; agricultural, decorative, industrial, commercial vehicle, pantone, NCS dimensions, RAL & British standard.

The colour library is the hub for colour control and formulation, and the team of highly trained colour experts provide over 300 custom matches every month for a range of 60+ distributors and other customers. There is no minimum order volume for the HMG colour matching service and the final colour can be used across a vast majority of HMG bases.

In order to do this, we utilise a spectrophotometer, which uses a Xenon bulb to measure colour close to daylight, and state of the art equipment for colour comparison and formulation. All our colours are formulated with the least metameric pigment combination to ensure consistency throughout different illuminants.

Along with colour matching the HMG Colour Library is responsible for the various HMG tinting ranges including the innovative UNIT LITE system.

The Trim, and Eggshell products can be used with proper preparation. No specific products that offer same performance as the Acid Cat and Pre Cat products.

No. Water Based products are notoriously poor at adhering to Aluminium.

HMG Decorative products are not recommended for use on Lime Paster.

Yes – thinned and followed by two full coats.
Substrate and use will vary, for example new plaster will soak the product right in to substrate.